McAfee Customer Service Nightmare

Poor customer service, particularly telephone ‘help’ lines and tech support lines, is one of those things we’ re just having to get used to these days. We’ve all been there … frustrating automated telephone responses, being bounced from one person or department to another, issues being ‘closed’ before you get a satisfactory resolution, unhelpful ‘help’ staff, curt and disinterested ‘help’ staff, hidden clauses and conditions, and so on. When I had an issue this morning with some sort of conflict between Thunderbird and McAfee, I searched online to see if anyone else had had the same issue and whether there was a fix available. I came across this post by blogger and photography artist Sally Jane: McAfee’s Anti-Spam failiure with Thunderbird 3. It’s a damning indictment of McAfee’s so-called tech ‘support’, but what I can’t get over is the patience of Sally. A full seven months of to-and-fro with McAfee, constantly being told the same thing (uninstall and reinstall, and it will resolve the issue), and yet she still managed to stay calm and polite with them. That woman deserves a medal!

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