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Events on Achill Island 2014

A few really interesting and worthwhile events coming up on Achill Island in 2014: The Heinrich Böll Memorial Weekend is an arts weekend that consistently offers stimulating and informative events in the sort of homely and relaxed atmosphere that the … Continue reading

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New Battle in ecommerce v High Street Stores

Strange times indeed. A few weeks ago USA Today reported on a store in Washington DC where customers can’t buy anything. That’s right! In Bonobos Guideshop the men’s clothing products are there for people to try on for size, to … Continue reading

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You’ll Never Win I-Spy Against a 4 Year Old

Fresh from his victory in the snackaroonie debacle, my now 4 year old son challenged me to a game of I-Spy. After a few easy ones to warm up, evenly matched so far, he spies an ‘S’. I exhaust every … Continue reading

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Daddy 0 – 3yo 1 (snackaroonie)

So our 3 year old can’t sleep and comes down for a late night snack of cereal (Weetabix). The conversation goes like this: Daddy: (trying to be encouraging) You eating your snackaroonie? 3yo: (defiantly) Its not a snackaroonie. Daddy: Yes … Continue reading

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Ah! Scammed by

I suppose it had to happen. 15 years (or more!) of buying online and finally I’ve been scammed. I wouldn’t mind, but I thought I had researched the field before buying and this company had been recommended online. Can’t find … Continue reading

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Awake Women of the West! New Business Starts in Mayo.

Its never easy launching a new business but trying to start up in a recession requires a particularly determined entrepreneur. So it is worth highlighting and praising the women of Co. Mayo who have started the following businesses over the … Continue reading

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Achill Island hits WordPress home page

A blog post by Lucy, an American student living Galway, about her day trip to Achill Island has been featured on the home page. Filed as the featured item in ‘posts about Travel’, this little promotion brings Lucy’s fabulous … Continue reading

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